CEOs of Tomorrow, LLCCEOs of Tomorrow, Inc. believes in inspiring young innovators and problem solvers to shape and influence their world through social entrepreneurship, which we define as the act of creating a business that can solve a social problem or benefit society.

We use a hands-on, interactive, and vibrant curriculum that arms youth with real-world experiences that nurture natural curiosity, imagination, and creativity to come up with innovative ideas to make the world a better place by helping people, animals, environments and communities in need.


Becoming a Young Social Entrepreneur Makes a BIG Difference!

Social entrepreneurship education transforms young people into critical thinkers who dream big, make courageous decisions, and inspire good will.

Profit + Mission

Builds assets and skills in decision making, cooperation, reciprocity, and giving to others, resulting in positive and productive contributors to society

Academic Relevance

Promotes higher academic engagement and achievement by providing a context for teaching academic subjects grounded in the real world and relevant experiences

Financial Literacy

Reinforces necessary money-management skills by teaching the discipline of budgeting, earning, saving, and spending wisely

Life Skill Enhancement

Nurtures the life skills needed to succeed in a complex world, including work-readiness, decision-making, teamwork, and public-speaking skills

Special Thanks To Our Supporters

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