It’s My Business: Inspiring Students’ Ideas for a Better Community

Community and business collide in this comprehensive curriculum guide that provides educators and youth leaders with detailed lessons, interactive activities, and group projects for introducing youth to the wide world of social entrepreneurship. Drawing upon the idea of using business techniques to solve social problems, social entrepreneurship can help uncover the issues children are most passionate about and show them how to make a profound difference in their very own communities.

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  • This book is not only a complete unit excellent for many grade levels, including high school economics, it is well written, standard aligned and complete with student engaging activities and assessments. Quite simply, it is thorough and easy to use to teach a topic that is often forgotten in schools but is of great value to students. As a bilingual social studies teacher for nearly 30 years, I would use this extensively, and it can be easily adapted for ELL students.
    Kevin Kuschel (Ad Hoc Instructor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

  • ``It's My Business should be required reading for all teachers of youth. Even if you have no experience in business, this well-organized, clear set of scripted lessons guides educators through collaborative, hands-on activities. Young people will certainly be empowered learning they can be agents of change in their own community, paving the way to a successful and prosperous future!``
    Natasha Posey (Montessori Teacher)

  • Cross-curricular connections! Various learning modalities! Decision-making! Cooperative learning! This book has practical, yet rigorous lesson plans that are detailed, hands-on, standards-based, and supported by research. It creatively and effectively “marries” the two worlds of business and education through real world experiences for students. I highly recommend this book!
    Vanessa Liederbach, PhD (Cardinal Stritch University, College of Education & Leadership

  • “This books helps kids become entrepreneurial thinkers! The activities are well thought out and easy to implement. The lessons are aligned to academic standards, but are engaging and fun. Kids will walk away from these experiences with knowledge about business, citizenship and communication skills.”
    Michelle Somes-Booher, MBA (Wisconsin SBDC, University of Wisconsin Madison)

  • Dr. Hentz expertly provides lessons and experiences that engage students in meaningful exploration and reflection about the important topic of social entrepreneurship. Educators can trust that these lessons will ask students to make connections to their own lives and to dream big about their role in our world. An authentic portfolio based assessment is included which allows for personalized learning and differentiation to meet the needs of all learners.
    Amy Mizialko, Ph.D. (Special Education Teacher)

  • ``It’s My Business, is an inspiring classroom tool for fostering the entrepreneur in all of us. The lessons are both relevant and accessible to any classroom where life skills are a priority. Students who are invested in the curriculum will feel empowered to develop their creativity in a meaningful and socially relevant way.``
    Danielle Luer, (Elementary Spanish Teacher)

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  • About the Book

    About This Book

    It’s My Business: Inspiring Students’ Ideas for a Better Community is a fully developed experiential curriculum that is aligned to academic and entrepreneurship education standards. Throughout the curriculum, students engage in vibrant learning experiences that challenge them to develop a business or businesslike activity for the purpose of improving or changing the world. Linked to learning objectives, the detailed lessons, interactive activities, and group projects were crafted to arm educators with engaging, easy-to-follow lesson plans that provide learners with multiple opportunities to gain hands-on and practical skills. The guide culminates with young innovators developing and managing their own classroom social enterprise. The guide also includes instructions for portfolio assessments, a formative way to measure learners’ progress by using a collection of student-chosen work samples and written reflections that demonstrate the learners’ competence and growth.

  • Correlation to Standards

    Correlation to Standards

    With minimum job requirements becoming increasingly more demanding and the intensifying complexity of the 21st century workplace, there is a growing consensus that all students need to graduate from high school fully prepared for college and careers. From an academic standpoint, this means that all students should be consistently exposed to a solid range of knowledge and skills necessary to qualify for and succeed in post-secondary job training or the education necessary for their chosen careers.

    To be college and career ready, students must engage in a broad and well-rounded curriculum grounded in core academic disciplines that are fully interconnected to 21st century learning outcomes. It’s My Business: Inspiring Students’ Ideas for a Better Community is an advanced and integrated curriculum resource aligned to rigorous academic and business standards and designed with a commitment to providing social entrepreneurship educational lessons that are research- and standards-based.

    Standards and learning skills aligned to lessons within this resource include the following: